John Farnworth - Specialist Books on the History of Massey-Harris, Ferguson and Massey-Ferguson

       John Farnworth is a farmer's son and was born on a farm on the outskirts of Manchester. It was very near the Massey-Harris factory and they used to send the new equipment from North America for testing on his grandfather's farm for a year before it was put on the British market. Hence he grew up in a farmyard full of Massey-Harris equipment in the post war years. This was the start of John's affection for the Massey family of equipment. The family went on to use Ferguson and Massey-Ferguson just as extensively as they had the old Massey-Harris equipment.

     Whilst at university he started to collect Massey-Harris tractors before embarking on a a career overseas in agricultural research, development and consultancy. When running overseas projects he always used Massey-Ferguson equipment wherever possible and gained much experience of their use in harsh Middle-Eastern conditions.

     In recent years, John has knuckled down to the serious business of compiling detailed but highly readable, well illustrated and informative books on the whole history of Massey-Ferguson, the predecessor companies and the range of equipment which has been produced and marketed by them. To date he has published TWELVE substantial books and has another TWO in publishers hands for publication at a later date. Needless to say, he has others planned!

  A World Wide Guide to Massey Ferguson Industrial and Construction Equipment
ISBN 0 9540222 0 3

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A World-Wide Guide to Massey Ferguson 100 and 1000 Tractors
ISBN 1 904686 05 2

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  The Massey Legacy Volume I
ISBN 0 85236 403 2

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The Massey Legacy, Volume II
ISBN 0 85236 404 0

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Implements and Accessories

ISBN 0 85236 354 0

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The Advertising of Massey-Harris, Ferguson and Massey Ferguson
ISBN 0 85236 528 4

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The Hunday Experience

ISBN 0 9533737 5 4

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A World-Wide Guide to Massey-Harris, Ferguson and early Massey Ferguson Tractors
ISBN 0 9533737 6 2

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Memories of the Founding of Massey Ferguson. 1953-1958

ISBN 978 1 904686 9

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The MF 500 Era.
ISBN 978 1 904 686 17 0

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  Massey Harvesters:

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Ferguson Advertising
ISBN 978-1-906133-62-7

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